Sping Time Variety

Report Date: April 30, 2016

Spring time fishing is definitely here. There have been multiple reports just this
week of big kingfish and blackfin tunas being caught on a consistent basis and we
have been lucky enough to be part of the action. We had two trips this week and
did very well with kingfish and good size blackfin tuna, using live pilchards and
goggle eyes. Most of our fishing has been in 100 to 200ft of water, mainly fishing
between Deerfield pier and Highland beach. We have not caught any of the big
smoker kings, but did manage a few in the 20lb class. Most of the blackfins we
have caught were in the 20+ lb range, and one that weighed 30lbs.

The sailfishing has also been fairly consistent. Our clients the past week were
pretty much set on catching kingfish and tuna, but we did manage to catch a
sailfish on our second charter. They had a blast fighting the sailfish and with
this being their first sailfish, were pretty impressed on how well they jump and

The Mahi bite has been hit or miss, depending on where you are fishing. We did
manage to catch a few heavy lifters while fishing for kings and tuna. I did here
of other boats doing rather well catching mahi further south. With May I do expect
a good push of bigger mahis. This time of year we usually head a little further
offshore closer to the gulf stream to target the big mahis. The gulf stream is a large
mass of warm water current that starts in the Gulf of Mexico and moves north
ward past Florida's east coast. With the current flows baitfish and organisms that
mahi love to feed on.

We also had a night charter fishing for yellowtail snapper. The trip was very
productive. We caught our limit of yellowtail snapper and also had a good vermillion
snapper bite. With the yellowtail snapper, we did manage to catch a few sharks.
While they are not good eating and catch and release only, what a fight on 15lb
spinning tackle.

We did have a surprise catch that night. While free lining a jig tipped with squid
meant for yellowtail snapper, we managed to catch a nice mahi. This is rather
unusual and very rare. I would imagine the mahi was feeding at night due to the
full moon that night. Mahi will feed at night during the full moon and no cloud
coverage. The full moon gives off enough light so the mahi can see and eat at
night. So with that being said the next morning mahi bite is usually slow.

May thru July is my favorite time of year to fish. The variety of fish we can catch
is incredible. It is the best time of year to catch mahi, kingfish and tuna. We will
also start heading offshore in the day to target swordfish. Nothing beats reeling
up a swordfish from 2000ft of water. Some of these swordfish can push up to
500lbs. I have dates open in May, June and July. But they are starting to fill up
quickly. So please give me a call or send me an email to book your trip.
Lets go catch some fish!

Catch em up,
Capt. Mike Busse


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