Memorable Memorial Day

Report Date: May 31, 2016

Sorry for the delay since my last report, I usually like to give at least an every
other week report at a minimum. Fortunately I have been busy fishing.
With that said the fishing has been up and down. Thankfully on the down side days
we still managed to catch some fish.

We have had a mixed bag of trips. Some were inshore live baiting for Kingfish
and Tuna and some trips a little further offshore in search of Mahi (Dolphin).
The inshore bite has been a little more consistent than offshore for Mahi.
Most inshore trips we have caught a decent amount of kingfish up to 30lbs
and still a fair amount of Tuna, the biggest weighing 31lbs.

The offshore bite for Mahi seems to be late this year as it was last year. For some
reason the more consistent Mahi bite started in early June.We have had a few
slow days fishing for Mahi. This is usually due to either finding no birds to put us
on the fish, lack of floating debris or Sargasso weed. We still managed to catch a
few Mahi on the slow days, but not what I would expect this time of year.

But on the days where we did very well on the Mahi, we managed to find either
birds working the Mahi schools or the Sargasso weed. We have yet to come across
the large mats of Sargasso weed we saw last year, but we have had nice Sargasso
weed lines. These weed lines will form when the wind is light giving time for the
weed to form along apposing currents. We will either troll the weed lines with six
trolled baits or run along the weed line with my mate in the tower siting the
Mahi in the weed line and then casting chunk bait or live bait to the Mahi.

We had a great trip on Memorial Day. We had a very nice couple from North Carolina
Randy and Cindy Lou. They wanted to catch some Mahi. We met at the boat at
7am loaded up with some live pilchards and headed offshore. As we headed offshore
we managed to find a nice weed line in about 950ft of water. As we turned the boat
heading south along the weed line we spooted a few birds diving up ahead. Once
we approached the birds we pitched some live baits under the birds and were immediately
hooked up with some nice size schoolie dolphin. We managed to catch about 10
Mahi until the school and birds disappeared. We decided to troll some baits along
the weed line. It wasn't long until the right outrigger got hit. It was a nice 20lb
bull dolphin. As we reeled in the dolphin we could see more Mahi following the
Mahi we had hooked. We pitched a few live baits out as we prepared to gaff the
Mahi. Unfortunately the hook pulled on the big Mahi and we lost the fish. The
good news we hooked an even bigger Mahi and this Mahi did not get away. Our
angler Randy did an awesome job fighting this fish on 20lb spinning tackle. The
tug of war lasted 45 minutes until we got the fish within gaff range and in the boat
The Mahi weighed in at 43lbs. Now that is a slammer Mahi.

Summer is fast approaching and the Mahi bite will only get better. Last year the
incredible Mahi bite lasted thru September. If your desire is to catch a slammer
Mahi please give me a call or send me an email. I still have available days in
June and July. So lets go catch you a slammer Mahi!

Catch Em Up
Capt. Mike Busse


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