Happy New Year It Is!

Report Date: January 13, 2020

Happy New Year!

What a start to the new year. We have managed only three trips due to the wind and rough seas, but managed to have great fishing on those trips. We had one reef, bottom fishing trip and did well catching a few keeper Mutton snapper and a ton of Red Grouper. Most of the Grouper were small but did manage to catch two that were keepers if they were in season. Red Grouper have to be 20” total length to keep unfortunately grouper season is closed from Jan 1st until May 1st.

We managed two swordfish trips while we had a few days of calm seas. On our first trip we caught a nice 150lb swordfish on our first drop. Always love it when the swordfish cooperate. Our clients were so excited they decided to call it a day and head in. They had enough swordfish steaks to feed their whole neighbor hood.

Now for our second swordfish trip we also got a bite on our first drop. But this time it wasn't a swordfish we had on the other line. The fish hit like a freight train and immediately peeled line of the reel. First thought was a big Thresher shark, as they have a tendency to hit very hard. But after about ten minutes the fish started to swim the lead up wich indicates a big swordfish. We got the fish up to 300ft and played tug of war for the next hour until the fish decided it had enough and bolted for the bottom peeling line off the reel with 30lbs of drag. At this point I had no idea what type of fish we were fighting. The fish stayed on the bottom with the rod bent over. I had no choice but to max the drag and try and horse the fish in. It took another hour to finally get the twelve pound lead off and on the leader. As we inched the fished in we got our first glimpse of the fish. First we thought we had a tail hooked thresher shark, then we thought we had a 500lb + swordfish. But when we finally got the fish to the side of the boat in turned out to be a trophy Bluefin Tuna! We estimated the weight to be 830lbs. The Bluefin measured out at 108” length and 79” girth. An Unbelievable catch for sure. Bluefin Tuna are not very common in South Florida as only a handful a year are caught and usually during the spring when te season is closed. We were very fortunate as not only was the season open but they had changed the retention limits and we were allowed to keep one trophy Bluefin Tuna. A trophy Tuna is any tuna over 73” from tip of nose to the fork of the tail. That was a fish of a lifetime!! That just goes to show you that you never know what you may catch offshore in South Florida.

If YOU are looking to catch your fish of a lifetime give me a call, text or email.

Catch Em Up!
Capt. Mike Busse



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