Fall Is Here

Report Date: October 27, 2016

As I write this, the wind is blowing 25mph with gusts up to 30mph. That has been
the story for the past few weeks. I have had a number of cancellations but still had
a few charters that wanted to brave the seas.

lets start with the swordfishing. The daytime swordfishing has been hit or miss so
far this fall. I have had a few trips with no bites and a few trips where we had bites
but were not able to stay connected. That generally happens when the wave action
of heavy seas tends to pull the hook on a swordfish. We did manage to catch one
keeper swordfish that measured 50 inches. The minimum size to legally keep a
swordfish is 47 inches from the lower jaw to the fork of the tail. This is prime time
to catch a swordfish as they migrate through south Florida. Swordfish are caught
year round but tend to have higher numbers during the fall months. Once the wind
and seas subside I do expect the swordfish bite to be in full gear. Running 18 miles
offshore in 4-6+ ft seas is not fun for anyone.

I did have a few charters that came from out of town and instead of canceling their
trip completely opted to fish the edge. Their has been an excellent amount of sailfish
for this time of year. On the 4 trips on the edge we had we caught sailfish on every
trip. We also managed to catch a few small kingfish and caught 4 or more mahi
(dolphin) on every trip. That is the great thing about fishing in south Florida.
If it is too rough to venture offshore we can fish in closer to land where the seas
are not as rough and still catch a variety of fish.

I have not done any night time snapper fishing wich is a shame as I have heard
of a vey good yellowtail snapper bite alaong with a few mutton snapper in the mix.

I did have one charter that opted to go on a day cruise since the wind was blowing
25mph. We had a great time cruising the intercoastal waterway, sightseeing and
docking for lunch at the Sands Harbor Marina. After lunch they wanted to go for a
swim, so we decided to anchor at Lake Boca for some swimming and snorkeling.

So as you can see even if the weather is not good for fishing there are many other
boating activities I love to do.

I am sure the winds will subside soon wich will make the fishing a lot more comfortable
With the swordfishing in prime season and the sailfish season starting early, lets
get your trip booked. Shoot me an e-mail, text or just call me.

Catch Em Up
Capt Mike Busse


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