Tuna Fishing Charters for Fort Lauderdale

These Football-Shaped Fish are Extremely Hard Fighters

Tuna fishing is very popular in South Florida and for good reason - fast, agile and vicious predators, they are among the most popular game fish you will catch out here off Fort Lauderdale. Tuna, along with mackerel shark, are the only type of endothermic fish, meaning they can control their own body temperature rather than adapt it to their environment. This allows to them to search far and dive deep for prey, regardless of water temperatures.

Many tuna species are caught in South Florida but the most common and targeted tuna is the blackfin tuna. We do occasionally catch yellowfin tuna but they are usually incidental catches and are not common.

The blackfin tuna we catch vary in size. When trolling for blackfin tuna they are generally smaller than when we target them with live bait. The use of live bait is the best method to target the bigger tuna. Blackfin tuna we catch range from 15 to 35 pounds.

The best time to target the big blackfins is in the springtime, usually April, May and June. May, especially, is often peak blackfin season. But we have also caught blackfin tuna as late as September.

Tuna Fishing Tactics

Most tunas prefer low light conditions. Early morning and late afternoon are usually the best times to target these fish. If we can fill our livewell with fresh live bait we stand a good chance of some very hot fishing action. Blackfin tuna love live chum and will commonly school behind our boat while live chumming. It is very exciting to watch your live bait being eaten by a 35 pound tuna. These fish are extremely hard fighters and will bend your rod with the best of them.

We catch these tunas using light tackle. The tackle is light enough to give you a fight of a lifetime but also stout enough to land these fish.

Hop aboard the Reel Dusky for the ultimate tuna fishing experience. We fish the exciting waters off the coast from Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach and Boca Raton.

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