Swordfishing Charters for the Fort Lauderdale Area

The Swordfish is known as the Gladiator of the Sea

Swordfishing can be done day or night, but the tactics are completely different depending on whether we are fishing under the moon light or sun light.

The waters off Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach are one of the world's premier swordfishing destinations. The proximity of the gulf stream, along which swordfish migrate, and the depth of water not far from the coast provide the optimal swordfish conditions. We travel about 15 miles offshore before we reach the swordfish grounds.

Daytime Swordfishing

Daytime swordfishing is gaining more and more popularity. Most swordfish are found at or near the bottom during the daytime. The depths these fish are targeted in is anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 feet of water. We have developed a technique to catch swordfish during the day at these great depths. Braided fishing line is used in conjunction with a heavy lead to keep the bait at or near the bottom. It is critical to keep your bait as close to the bottom as possible to optimize your strike probability.

We utilize the most powerful electric reel on the market, the LP S-1200. The reel is matched to a custom built fishing rod loaded with 80 pound braided fishing line. Harpoons are also needed to land these huge fish. We have had many fish exceeding 300 pounds that a simple gaff or two could not handle. Many gaffs were either destroyed or lost due to the shear power of these fish. The only way to subdue a huge swordfish is the use of harpoons. We also support catch and release if that is your desire. Swordfish caught off Fort Lauderdale are not all catch and release unlike sailfish and marlin. In fact, they make delicious table fare! However, we do encourage the release of undersized swordfish so they can grow to maturity.

The swordfish caught during the day are generally larger than the swordfish caught at night. They range from 100 pounds to over 500 pounds. Imagine dropping a bait 1,600 feet down to the bottom during the day. We keep an eye on the rod tip at all times watching for any signs of a swordfish strike. The signs can be as subtle as a small tap-tap or as hard as the rod doubled over with a fish on! As the fish is reeled up and fighting the whole way, the fish reaches the surface and jumps. There is no sight more exciting than to watch a huge swordfish jump clearly out of the water in the daytime.

Night-Time Swordfishing

Night-time swordfishing is another way to target and catch these fish. We deploy 4 to 5 rods with dead or live bait. We stagger the baits using weights from 50 feet to 500 feet below the surface. Swordfish will stay on the bottom during the day to feed and will come close to the surface at night to feed. They will follow the bait fish which tend to feed closer to the surface at night. We use stand up fishing gear at night. We fish 50W Shimano LRS 2 speed reels. Once we are hooked solid to a swordfish the rod and reel is clipped into a stand up fishing harness that you are buckled into. You are now fighting one of the strongest fish in the ocean. We have caught fish over 300 pounds at night! Hold on!

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