Charter Fishing For Sailfish

Fort Lauderdale's most sought-after Gamefish

Probably the most sought after fish in the Fort Lauderdale area, and the whole of South Florida, is the sailfish. Not only are the sailfish plentiful, they are - without a doubt - the most acrobatic fish in the ocean. Once hooked the sailfish will put on an aerial show with leaps and jumps like nothing you have ever seen. Sailfish can be caught year round, although November thru May is the best time to fish for them.

Sailfish are migratory and they travel along the Gulf Stream which runs parallel to the coast of Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale. There is even a section of the current known as Sailfish Alley which is known as a sailfish hotspot.

When cold fronts push through South Florida, they also push through schools of bait fish. Sailfish will follow these schools of bait fish as they are pushed through our local waters. It is very common to have multiple sailfish hooked-up at one time. The sailfish will school together in numbers to attack the bait fish.

Sailfish Fishing Techniques

The best method to catch sailfish is kite fishing with live bait. We deploy 1 or 2 kites and dangle live baits from the kites - up to 3 baits per kite. This technique - known as Kite Fishing - is used to keep the bait on the surface where the sailfish feed. We will also deploy baits drifted naturally and with weights to cover as much of the water column as we can. After the baits are deployed you may see a sailfish circling your bait. You may even see the sailfish eat your bait, then you set the drag and reel tight. The fishing line pops out of the kite clip and you are now hooked up and fighting a sailfish.

Like I had mentioned earlier it is not uncommon to have more than one sailfish hooked up at one time. There are more times than not we have had multiple sailfish hooked up at the same time. These are called double, triple and quadruple hook-ups. Imagine fighting four sailfish at the same time! WOW!

Book Early, Especially During Sailfish Season

Most people who charter us, whether out of town or local, like to target sailfish. We recommend you call well in advance to book a charter, so we can schedule you the exact dates you are looking for. For some of our anglers it's their first time sailfishing and may want to have their sailfish mounted. We do not have to kill a sailfish to have a mount made. Just a picture and length measurement is needed. Our boat is strictly catch and release only for sailfish. Killing a sailfish is not allowed. These fish are a tremendous game fish and really don't make for much table fare anyway.

The great thing about sailfish is the fish are caught only a mile or two offshore, from 100ft to 250ft of water. We are literally only minutes away from fishing after leaving the dock. The probability of catching a sailfish during the sailfish season is very good.

Book Your Sailfish Charter Trip Now!

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