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Mahi Delight

Report Date: September 2, 2016

As I thought might happen there has been a late push of Mahi (dolphin) showing
up offshore in the gulfstream. We have had quite a few charters wanting to catch
mahi and we did not disappoint. Most of the Mahi we have been catching are either
heavy lifters or gaffer size mahi. We have not been catching our limit most trips but
the size of the mahis this time of year tend to be larger than your average size schoolie.
Our largest mahi last month was 30lbs. I still believe as with last year these mahi will
be around thru September. Mahi can be caught year round, but their migration
usually tapers off in late august.

We have also done a few daytime swordfish trips and have had some success. We had 3
trips and caught one swordfish. The other trips we had bites but were unable to stay
connected. September through November are the best months to target the swordfish
as they migrate through South Florida. As with mahi, swordfish are caught throughout
the year, but the prime months September thru November.

We have not fished the edge at all the past month, but the reports are they are catching
a decent amount of sailfish along with an occasional blackfin tuna and kingfish.

The next few months are prime time for Daytime swordfish. So if catching a true
monster swordfish is what you have been dreaming about, give me a call to book
a trip. You will also have a chance to catch mahi as we often due running to and
from the swordfish grounds.

Catch Em Up
Capt. Mike Busse

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