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Fishing Is Good

Report Date: June 28, 2016

Since my last report we have been fishing quite a bit. Mostly fishing offshore for Mahi. The Mahi bite has been hit or miss so far this year. Most of our Mahi have been found under birds offshore.
We have had good days finding birds and catching Mahi up to 25 lbs and slow days where the birds are hard to find and catching a few trolling baits. A few days we did manage to catch our limit of Mahi (10 per person) and few days where we caught only a few. I do expect the Mahi fishing to improve as it did last year in July and August.

We have done only a few trips on the edge live baiting for Sailfish, Kings and Tuna. We do this usually when there is a west wind wich tends to slow the Mahi bite. We did manage to catch some Kings, Tuna and a few sailfish. We have also caught plenty of Bonita. They do not make great table fare,but they sure do fight hard on light tackle.

Swordfishing is usually fair this month, but we did have a few trips where we did good. We had three swordfish trips this month and caught 2 swordfish. One swordfish topped 200 lbs on the scale. The trip where we did not catch a sword,we did have a bite and hook up. Unfortunately the hook pulled after a 10 minute fight. July thru December are usually the best months to target swordfish.

With summer in full swing and with usually calm seas,this is a great time of year to catch fish while enjoying a great day on a calm ocean. So give me a call or send me an email and lets get you out catching some fish.

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