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Report Date: November 22, 2018

Fall fishing the past month has been fairly consistent. We have had a few offshore trips for swordfish as well as inshore trips for kingfish,blackfin tuna and a night time trip for snapper.

Our swordfish trips were very good in early October and then the bite really shut down our past few trips. We managed to catch a few nice swordfish in October and then just had a few bites with no takers our last three trips. Some of the bites we did manage were very aggressive wich are usually big swordfish, but unfortunately the hook pulled on all our big fish. Hooking a swordfish from the bottom in 1,700 ft of water can be very challenging to say the least. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. As winter approaches I do expect the swordfishing to improve. We have caught some of our biggest swordfish in the winter months.

We had a few trips fishing the edge for kingfish and blckfin tuna. The kingfish bite has been fairly slow, but did manage a few small keepers. The good news is the blackfin tuna bite has been on fire! The blackfin have been out in force chasing huge schools of glass minnows. We managed to catch at least a dozen blackfin tuna on all our trips. There is no size or quantity limit on blackfin tuna and are excellent eating.

We had one nighttime yellowtail snapper trip in October and the bite was on fire! We managed to catch about 40 yellowtail snapper. The limit on yellowtail snapper is 10 per person.

The sailfishing is just now getting started. As the cold fronts push in from the north, so does the bait. And with all the bait the sailfish usually show up in force.

Except for swordfish, all of the fish from sailfish to snapper are caught within 3 miles from land. That makes fro a very short trip to get to where the fish are. That is the beauty of fishing in South Florida.

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Catch Em Up!
Capt. Mike Busse

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