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Big Summer Swords

Report Date: September 10, 2018

The heat of summer is upon us. The fishing in August can be real good or somewhat slow. This August has been pretty good.

The mahi fishing has turned on and we have finally seen better numbers in quantity and quality size. Most of mahi we've been catching are heavy lifters or decent gaffer size fish. The schools have been bigger and mostly found under big weed mats or floating debris. The weed has diminished a bit and that is helping concentrate the mahi better.

We have also had a couple night time snapper fishing trips. Both trips were very productive. We had calm seas, good current and caught our limit of yellowtail snapper. We also caught a few red grouper, but unfortunately they we just under size and were released. Yellowtail snapper have to be 12” to the fork to be legal to keep. Red grouper size limit is 20” total length.

The big catch of the August was a 400lb swordfish. I was actually on another clients boat teaching the basics of daytime swordfishing. We we on our second drop of the morning and Bill was working the rod while I was driving the boat. We were both staring at the rod tip when we both saw the bite. I told Bill to drop the bait about 50ft and stop. We let the bait sit in hopes of the swordfish eating it. After about 30 seconds Bill reeled up the bait and the rod doubled over, fish on! After a few minutes of pulling drag the rod went slack which means the fish was swimming the lead up. Usually fish of a 100lbs or bigger have enough power to swim the 12lb lead up so we knew it was a decent fish. The swordfish came to the top within about 10 minutes. We pulled the lead off and the fight was on. After a tug of war for about an hour we managed to get a harpoon shot in her. We got her to the boat and stuck her with two gaffs. At this time we thought she was done. She then proceeded to tear both gaffs out of our hands and take off towards the bottom and 500ft of harpoon line with her. She settled in at 500ft for a few minutes before we were able to start gaining some harpoon line back. After about 15 minutes we were finally able to get her boat side again and this time she was done. After about another half hour of tug of war we were able to get her in the boat.

Even though swordfishing is year round, the best shot at catching a swordfish is September thru December. I have a few open dates left in September and quite a few in October thru December.
Now is the time to book your swordfish charter. Give me a call, text or email and we will do our best to get you your monster swordfish.

Catch Em Up!
Capt. Mike Busse

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