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Mahi/Swordfish Bonanza!

Report Date: July 13, 2017

All I have to say is the fishing the past few weeks has been nothing short of great. From mahi to swordfish the fishing has been the best I have seen in a couple of years.

Let's start with the mahi fishing. Most of our charters this time of year are for catching mahi. We have had a great push of mahis starting about a month ago and it has not let up yet. We have been catching our limit of 10 mahi per person on most of our trips. Most of the mahi have been schoolie size 5-7lbs. We have had a few small gaffer size mahi 10-15lbs, but for the most part they have been schoolie size. Like I always say what they lack in size they make up for in sheer numbers. Most schools of mahi have been found under birds or floating debris. The size of the schools of mahi has been impressive. Most of the schools have been averaging about 30-40 mahi per school. What a sight to pull up on a school of mahi and have water lit up with neon gold and green. The mahi also have been pretty hungry as they have been eating most anything thrown at them. I pretty sure with the late mahi bite it will last a while longer, hopefully thru September/October as it did a couple of years ago.

We have also had a few daytime swordfish charters mixed in with the mahi fishing. We have done very well with the swordfish. We had three swordfish trips and caught swordfish on all three trips. One trip we caught a small swordfish we tagged and released and the other two trips we caught some bigger swordfish. One fish weighing 220lbs and the other weighing 280lbs. One good thing about daytime swordfishing this time of year is we usually have a good chance of catching mahi either on our way out or while fishing for swordfish.

With the mahi fishing the best I have seen in a few years, don't hesitate to get your trip booked. The rest of the month and into August is booking up very fast. Also the Swordfish bite should continue to be very good as we get into August and September as they start to migrate thru our area.

Give me a call/text or an email while the fishing is red hot!

Catch Em Up!
Captain Mike Busse

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