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Early Spring Fishing

Report Date: April 10, 2017

Spring fishing has started off very well. There has been a mixed bag of sailfish, kingfish, blackfin tuna, and mahi (dolphin). The sailfish bite has remained ok off of Pompano bch and Boca. We usually have anywhere from 3-4 sailfish bites a day. The best sailfish bite has been off of Miami for the past few weeks where they are having double digit bites and releases. Its only a matter of time before the sailfish bite gets better up here. Don't get me wrong 3-4 bites a day is good, but I would rather have the double digit bites every day.

We have also had decent kingfish action. We have caught kingfish on every trip, the biggest at 20lbs. As we get further into April and into May, the kingfish will be getting bigger and more plentiful. The kingfish have been eating our kite and flatline live baits. With kingfish the bigger the live bait the bigger the kingfish.

Blackfin tuna bite off of Pompano/Boca is still a little hit or miss, as is the mahi (dolphin). As I said as we get later into April and into May the mahi and blackfin tuna bite should be very good as it was last year.

We did manage to catch a nice mahi (dolphin) last week. The mahi ate a live bait fished from one of our flat lines. The mahi made our day as the fishing was a little slow that day due to the lack of current.

I have a few days still open the last week of April and have quite a few days open in May. May is probably one of the best months to fish in South Florida. We usually catch our biggest kingfish, blackfin tuna and mahi in May.

Please give me a call or send me an email and let's get you set up for a great day of fishing!

Catch Em Up!
Capt. Mike Busse

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