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February Wrap Up

Report Date: March 2, 2017

Well another February is in the books. We now welcome in March fishing. All in all the fishing this
past February has been good, not great, but good. I wish the sailfishing was better. Don't get me wrong
we caught sailfish but not in the daily numbers I would have liked. I think the lack of good cold fronts and a consistent current had a lot to do with it.

The last week of February fishing was no different. We did manage to catch a sailfish on every trip except for one trip, but made up for it by catching a few mahi (dolphin) and kingfish.

We had a couple great guys from Sacramento, Cal. They wanted to catch a sailfish, but also wanted to catch something for dinner. The fishing was slow in the morning with just a couple kingfish cut offs and nothing wanting to eat our live goggle eyes off the kite. But in the afternoon the action picked up. We had a nice mahi (dolphin) eat one of our live baits and within minutes had a small blackfin tuna do the same. With a mahi and tuna in the box we were still looking for our sailfish. Within about fifteen minutes we had both flat lines screaming drag. We had a double header kingfish bite. We ended up catching one and losing the other. Well at least they caught their dinner and then some. We didn't have have any swordfish charters last month, but did hear of a few fish pushing 300 lbs being caught.

I am hoping this March was as good as last year. Last year we did very well catching sailfish. We also had an early showing of bigger mahi (dolphin),kingfish and cobia. Did I mention March is also a very good month to target daytime swordfish. Last year we had a few daytime swordfish charters and did rather well catching two swordfish. The biggest being 225lbs.

Like I said, if this March is anything like last March you definitely want to be on the water fishing. I have some dates still open in March. So if your looking to catch anything from a sailfish to a swordfish or anything in between give me a call or send me an email and let's catch you a bunch of fish!

Catch Em Up
Capt. Mike Busse

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