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Report Date: January 29, 2017

The fishing the past few weeks has been good for some and fair for
some. We have been mainly fishing on the edge for sailfish. There has
been good days and fair days catching sailfish. The fair days are the
days with slow or no current and green water pushed in. The good days
are the days with good north current and blue water. We have managed
to catch sailfish on most of our trips, our best day catching and releasing
3 out of 5 sailfish . The days where we only caught one or no sailfish are
the days with little or no current. On those days there was very little
wind and we were unable to fly the kite. When we have those days we
switch to slow trolling live bait. This method can be a very effective and
it was, as we managed to catch our target species in sailfish and a few
decent kingfish. We have not had any Mahi show up the past few weeks.
This is fairly normal this time of year. I do receive quite a few calls this
time of year asking to catch Mahi. I know a lot of people down on vacation
really want to catch a Mahi, but they are not very abundant this time of
year. Your best bet for catching fish is fishing on the edge from 80ft to
300ft. You can catch a variety of fish from Sailfish, Kingfish, Wahoo etc..
Don't get me wrong we do manage an occasional Mahi or two. This is the
exception not the rule.

We have not had any Swordfish trips the past few weeks. The Swordfish
seemed to be biting fairly well, as a few other boats I talked to managed
to catch a swordfish or at least have a bite or two. This time of year you
don't have too many days with calm weather so you have to be ready
when the opportunity is there. Most of the Swordfish being caught are
around 70 to 100lbs. But you never know as the next fish can be over

From now thru March is probably the best time to catch sailfish. Also
Swordfishing is really good if the weather and wind cooperate. I have
some days still open in February so give me call or send me an email
and lets catch you that Sailfish or Swordfish you have been dreaming

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