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Report Date: December 16, 2016

The fishing the past couple weeks has been good to fair. We will start with the daytime
swordfish bite.

We had the pleasure of fishing with RJ Boyle and John Bassett. They are the second to none
the best fisherman when it comes to catching daytime swordfish. We have been wanting to
fish with RJ and John for a few years and we were honored when they said yes. We met them
at Lighthouse Point Marina at 6:30am and were on the swordfish grounds by 7:30am.
The seas were calm and we were very excited. Not only at the opportunity to catch a swordfish
but to have RJ and John share their knowledge of this very technical fishery. We have had our
share of success, but nothing compared to RJ and John, who basically helped pioneer this
fishery off south Florida. On our second drop of the morning we were hooked up. RJ new almost
immediately the fish was big, but was probably wrapped up in the leader due to the way the
rod and fish were acting. The odds of landing a swordfish when this happens is about 50/50.
After a few minute battle the hook pulled and the swordfish was gone. We dropped about another
four times but had not bites the rest of the day. We had a few other boats fishing in the area and
did not hear of any fish caught that day. When the fish are not biting there is only so much you
can do, no matter how good you are. RJ and John were very informative and forthcoming when
it came to their knowledge and techniques when it comes to daytime swordfishing. The knowledge they
they shared will only make me a better fisherman. We did manage to catch a swordfish a few
weeks earlier on a charter from Georgia.

We did have a nighttime snapper trip that was very productive and fun. If you like to have lots of
action and bend the rod, nighttime snapper fishing is the way to go. We managed our limit of
yellowtail snapper in about two hours. After our limit we focused on catching as many grouper
as you could handle. All the grouper we caught were too small to keep, but boy do they fight
good on light tackle.

We have had a few trips on the edge fishing for sailfish. The sailfish bite is still pretty good.
Along with sailfish we did manage to catch quite a few dolphin (mahi), kingfish and tuna. That is
the great thing about fishing on the edge you have such a variety of fish you catch while targeting

With winter approaching the sailfishing should only get better. We can still daytime swordfish
but that will depend on the wind and sea conditions. I have a few openings the rest of the month
and January. So please call, text or email me to book your charter.

We do have a $50 off special for first time charters. So if you book your very first charter with
us we will give you $50 off a full day charter and $25 off a half day charter. So let's catch you a fish
of a lifetime!

Catch Em Up!
Capt. Mike

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