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Fishing Is Outstanding

Report Date: November 24, 2016

We have done 6 charters since our last report and all I can say is the
fishing has been very good. We had a few daytime swordfish charters
and the rest were fishing on the edge for sailfish.

Let's start with the sword bite. The sword bite has been relatively good.
We had swordfish bites on all our trips. With that said, sometimes we get
them to the boat and other times we don't stay connected and the hook
pulls out before we have a shot at boating them. We did manage to boat
2 keeper swordfish on the 3 trips we had. The trip we did not boat a
swordfish we did have 2 bites and pulled the hooks on both of them. The
swordfish have not been giants, but were respectable in size as both were
over 100lbs.

The other trips we had were fishing on the edge for sailfish. The sailfish
bite has been very good with shots at about 4 to 6 a day. The best day
we had we went 3 for 5 on sailfish. As I said before while fishing for
sailfish we do catch quite a few other species. On all our rips we managed
to catch dolphin (mahi) and kingfish. The best day we caught 5 mahi.
The kingfish are on the small side but did catch a few in the 12 to 15lb
range. As the cold fronts push in from the north we will see more sailfish
and probably have double digit sailfish days.

Well that is it for now. Happy Thanksgiving to all. As prime sailfish season
approaches I will be booking up quickly, so don't hesitate to call. A fishing
trip of a lifetime would be a great Christmas gift. Please check out our
recent sailfish video on our YouTube channel. Just click the link on our

Catch Em Up!
Capt. Mike

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