Fishing for Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi) in South Florida

Dolphin are Beautiful, Common and Great Table Fare

The great advantage we have in South Florida is the abundance of Dolphin (mahi-mahi) that swim in our waters. With the sailfish being the number one sought after fish in South Florida, the Dolphin fish is the next most popular. The Dolphin provide all the high flying, acrobatic action you could ever want in fishing. Once hooked, a Dolphin will go airborne. Its high flying and acrobatic jumps are mind blowing. The colors of a Dolphin once hooked will change from neon blue, gold and green. Besides the high flying action and colors, they make for great eating.

Tactics for Catching Mahi-Mahi

Dolphin can be caught year round. But the best months to target them are from May thru August. There are many tactics we use to target Dolphin. The methods we use depend on the time of year and sea conditions. Trolling baits and the use of live baits are very effective. We also use the run and gun tactic. That is we will run the boat looking for certain conditions that favor Dolphin. Diving birds is a good sign that Dolphin are in the area. Also, any type of floating debris or Sargasso weed are a good sign. The debris and Sargasso weed attract bait fish which in turn attract the Dolphin.

Dolphin can range from only a few pounds (called peanuts) to over 50 pounds (called slammers). Dolphin can be found in large schools. These schools of dolphin are generally smaller in size anywhere from a couple of pounds up to 10 pounds. Some of these schools of dolphin are massive. We have had many trips to where we were fishing in schools of dolphin of over 200 fish. There is nothing more exciting than to look over the side of the boat and see nothing but a sea of neon blue and green fish.

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