Reef Fishing Charter Trips in Fort Lauderdale

Fishing Area Reefs, Wrecks and other Bottom Structures

We specialize in night time reef (also called bottom) fishing off the coast of Pompano Beach, Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The abundance of artificial and natural reefs around the coastline help make it a unique fishing area. South Florida has increasingly been deploying large and unusual objects on the ocean bed, including a Rolls-Royce, a Boeing 727 and a 300-foot tanker ship. More mundane items like tires, cinder blocks and steel are also used. The reason for doing this is simple - fish are drawn towards these kind of wrecks and structures for the shelter they provide compared to the otherwise open and exposed ocean bottom. Naturally, lots of fish also means lots of larger predators and that’s what we target.

Most night time reef fishing trips are anchor trips. Anchor trips are the most productive way of targeting and catching fish. The fish we target are yellowtail, mangrove and mutton snapper. We also target grouper and shark. We have numerous productive spots loaded and saved in our electronic GPS.

Reef Fishing Tactics

When we arrive at our target spot, we deploy the anchor up current. Once the anchor grabs and holds bottom we put out two frozen blocks of chum. Once in the water the frozen blocks of chum begin to thaw. As they thaw they will create a long chum slick. This chum slick will attract just about any fish in the area.

The most common specie we target is the yellowtail snapper. Light tackle is used to free line your bait back in the chum slick. As you free line your bait, you wait for your fishing line to zip off your reel at lighting fast speed. This is the telltale sign a yellowtail snapper has eaten your bait. You close the reel's bale and the fight is on! Pound for pound the yellowtail snapper is the regarded as the hardest fighting fish.

While yellowtail snapper can be caught year round, the summer and fall months are the best to target them in the Fort Lauderdale area. There is also the Mangrove and Mutton snapper that we target during their respective spawning months - May, July and August.

We also drop baits to the bottom. This is where we target and catch Grouper, Mutton snapper, sharks and other assorted bottom fish. We attach a weight to the fishing line so the bait will sink to the bottom. Once on the bottom we will reel up the weight just off the bottom. This is another very effective way of catching fish.

Reef Fishing for Shark

If catching a shark is on your bucket list, we can deliver. We can target sharks either day or night. Daytime we target sharks in deeper water usually in about 300 to 350 feet of water. At night we fish anywhere from 50 feet to 120 feet of water. We use heavy stand up tackle to catch these beasts. They are one of the toughest - if not the toughest - fighting fish in the ocean and can wear a grown man or women down in a matter of minutes. So if it is a shark you want to catch we can deliver!

Want to experience a bottom fishing charter trip over the reefs? Contact Capt. Mike Busse today or call 954-914-0042.